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Newberry Library Fellowship Program

If you study the humanities, the Newberry has something for you!

Newberry fellowships provide support to researchers who wish to use our collection. We promise you intriguing and often rare materials; a lively, interdisciplinary community of researchers; individual consultations on your research with staff curators, librarians, and other scholars; and an array of both scholarly and public programs. Applicants may apply for both Long- and Short- Term Fellowships within one academic year. All applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the Newberry’s online catalog and collection guides before applying.

We are now accepting applications for the 2015-16 academic year.
For more information, visit our website: www.newberry.org/fellowships

Long-Term Fellowships (Deadline: December 1, 2014)

Long-Term Fellowships are intended to support individual scholarly research and promote serious intellectual exchange through active participation in the Newberry’s scholarly activities. Applicants must hold a PhD at the time of application in order to eligible. Applicants may apply for 4 to 12 months of support, with a stipend of $4,200 per month. For more information, including a list of available Long-Term Fellowships, please visit www.newberry.org/long-term-fellowships.

Short-Term Fellowships (Deadline: January 15, 2015)

Short-Term Fellowships are available to postdoctoral scholars, PhD candidates, and those who hold other terminal degrees. Most fellowships are restricted to scholars who live and work outside the Chicago Metro area. Short-Term Fellowships are generally awarded for one continuous month in residence at the Newberry, with stipends of $2,500 per month. Applicants must demonstrate a specific need for the Newberry’s collection. For more information, including a list of available Short-Term Fellowships, please visit www.newberry.org/short-term-fellowships.

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Research and Academic Programs
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25 9 / 2014

Shakespeare Project of Chicago: King Lear

The Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies and Public Programs department present:

Saturday, October 25, 2014
10 am - 12:30 pm
Shakespeare Project of Chicago: King Lear
Directed by Peter Garino

An informative talk begins fifteen minutes before the performance, which is followed by a question-and-answer session with the director and cast.

This program is free and open to the public; no tickets or advance registration is required.

Please forward this message to others who may be interested.

Keep up with the Center for Renaissance Studies by following our blog: http://www.newberry.org/center-renaissance-studies-blog

Faculty and graduate students at member institutions of the Center for Renaissance Studies consortium may be eligible to apply for travel funding to attend this program (http://www.newberry.org/newberry-renaissance-consortium-grants).

23 9 / 2014

The What You Will Shakespeare Company Presents The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Auditions

Come join us and audition for the final (and extremely hilarious) show of The What You Will Shakespeare Company’s Fall 2014 Season: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)!

Directed by Kim Gasiciel and Tori Stukins 
Assisted by Ryan Anastasia and Angela Nostwick 

Wednesday, September 24th 
6 PM - 10 PM
English Building Room 150
608 South Wright Street, Urbana, IL, 61801

Performance Dates:
Friday, November 14th and Saturday, November 15th 

What better way to end the semester than with a comedic romp through all of Shakespeare’s works. This production is here to showcase that everyone and anyone can find something hilarious and fun in the works of ‘ol Willy!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) is a madcap, semi-improvised, high-energy show that sees a group of six (to possibly eight) performers attempt to put on all of Shakespeare’s plays in 90 minutes! It’s filled to the brim with bad jokes, rapping, quick-changes, cooking shows, interpretive dance, football, and pants-dropping goodness. We will be crafting a small-but-awesome production using audience interaction and of course comedy. This is not your high school production of Hamlet, it’s no fear Shakespeare!

Absolutely NO PREPARATION necessary! (But if you’re unfamiliar with the show and want to know what you might be getting into, you can watch a full version with the original Adam here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqmfrqAVeK0 )

Stop by, fill out an audition form, read some lines, play some improv games with us and HAVE A GREAT TIME! 

We are currently hoping to cast 6 - 8 people in this production.

RSVP on Facebook!

Hope to see you there, and remember, make ‘em laugh. Make ‘em laugh!

- The CWOWSA Production Team -

16 9 / 2014

CFP: 2015 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Call for Papers - deadline: October 15
We invite abstracts for 20-minute papers from master’s or PhD students from any discipline on any medieval, Renaissance, or early modern topic in Europe, the Americas, or the Mediterranean world. We encourage submissions from disciplines as varied as the literature of any language, history, classics, anthropology, art history, music, comparative literature, theater arts, philosophy, political science, religious studies, transatlantic studies, disability studies, and manuscript studies. Because of the conference’s multidisciplinary nature, all papers must be in English.

Download a PDF flyer to print and distribute: http://www.newberry.org/sites/default/files/calendar-attachments/2015CFP_0.pdf

Eligibility: Proposals are accepted only from students at member institutions of the Center for Renaissance Studies consortium. Students who presented a paper at the 2014 conference are given lower priority, though they are still eligible to submit a proposal.

Submit an abstract online: http://www.newberry.org/01222015-2015-multidisciplinary-graduate-student-conference.

Students from Center for Renaissance Studies consortium schools (http://www.newberry.org/center-renaissance-studies-consortium-members) may be eligible to apply for travel funds to attend this program (http://www.newberry.org/newberry-renaissance-consortium-grants). Each member university sets its own policies and deadlines; contact your Representative Council member in advance for details.

You have received this message because, according to our records, you are a faculty member or student at a member institution of the Center for Renaissance Studies consortium (http://www.newberry.org/center-renaissance-studies-consortium-members). If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please write to renaissance@newberry.org. To join our mailing list, or update your information, use this form: http://www.newberry.org/renaissance-center-mailing-list.


Center for Renaissance Studies
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16 9 / 2014

The What You Will Shakespeare Company Presents Julius Caesar Auditions


The time has come for auditions for Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar! Our second show of the season has 16 roles for any gender. In our audition process, you will come in, fill out an audition form, and read a character monologue. No preparation is necessary!
Wednesday, September 17th
6:00-10:00 PM
English Building Room 150
608 South Wright Street, Urbana, Il 61801
Performance Dates: Friday, November 7th and Saturday, November 8th
Show Description:
How far would you go to fight for what you believe in? In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the senators Brutus, Cassius, and their fellows all justify the murder of a man who would have been King of Rome and destroyed their Republic. However, no matter their intentions, their violent actions throw the country into civil war with Mark Antony and Octavius Caesar. With conflicting ideologies, intense character relationships, and literal backstabbing, this period Julius Caesar will guide the audience through each characters’ decisions and see just how far the pursuit of an ideal can lead even the noblest Roman astray. 
"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." - Mark Antony
Directed by Samantha Fuchs
Assisted by Danielle Strickland and Maggie Wolfe
We hope to see you there!
The Julius Caesar Production Team